Mold Information and Testing

Mold is an issue that customers ask about all the time. For that reason, I trained to become a certified mold inspector and tester with a company in Florida (the mold capital of the U.S.!) so that I could speak to my customers intelligently and clearly about this issue if it comes up. Then, if necessary I can test and provide a plan and solutions should there be an issue. Mold can be a serious problem. But this approach turns a situation with many questions and concerns into a solvable issue with a plan of action. I am equipped with a variety of test equipment and am always prepared on-site to perform air, bulk, and other sampling and testing if desired. I have an excellent relationship with 3 laboratories, 2 PhD’s and a great mold remediator in order to provide my customers with the best seamless service that I can – again saving time and money. Additionally, often I perform mold and air testing in properties independent of home inspections.

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