Pest Inspections

Home Inspections are heavily regulated in Massachusetts and it might surprise you to know that a pest inspection for wood destroying insects or rodents is not within the standards of practice for home inspectors in this state. There is no such thing as a licensed pest inspector in Massachusetts . Literally anyone can perform a “pest inspection”. Most “pest inspections” are performed by pest control companies. However, I am certified as a Wood Destroying Insect Inspector by the New England Pest Management Association (#10025) and am FHA/VA/203K/HUD approved. NEPMA is the only regulating agency in the state for pest inspections. Some of the large multi-inspector companies will say that they provide a “free pest inspection” Well, that is very easy to say when it means nothing. After all, in this state your grandmother can also provide a “free pest inspection”! – And it’s likely to be better because at least she would be working in your best interest! “Free pest inspections” are feel-good teasers but provide no actual value. In fact, sitting on my desk right now, is another retainer for me to serve as an expert witness to the refute one of those companies “free pest inspections” This particular case involves a house where there was major termite activity and damage and the inspecting company failed to discover it yet they provided the buyer with the federal NPMA 33 form filled out saying everything was ok. Like most things, you tend to get what you pay for.

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